Free Linear Gradient Color Provider Site for Graphics & Web Designer

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Hello Everyone! Welcome back to FreemiumTech Website. How are you all? I Hope you all are well. Today our Article is about Free Linear Gradient Color Provider Site for Graphics & Web Designer. If you are searching best and free linear gradient colour provider website then this post will must help you. So without waste more time let's start today's article.

Free Linear Gradient Color Provider Site for Graphics & Web Designer

Colors in Graphic design have their own meaning, choosing the right colors and attractive color combinations will produce designs that are pleasing to the eye and attract attention.

In recent years, color trends in Graphic Design have developed very rapidly, one of which is the linear gradient color technique technique to beautify design elements.

Choosing linear gradient colors is not easy, it requires color selection techniques that match one color to another so that it has its own appeal. In this article, we will share websites that provide linear gradient colors as a design reference.

What is Color Gradation?

Color gradation itself is a technique of using more than one color in a design so as to create a certain color level without damaging or changing the color itself. One example is the Instagram logo which uses linear gradient colors.

The transition of several colors is smooth and subtle which seems to be something different, where these colors will be more striking than other designs which only make colors solid and flat.

Graphic Design Gradation Color Provider Website Reference

Below are several sites that provide linear gradient colors for design color reference purposes.

1. UI Gradients


UI Gradients is a project created by @i_ghosh which has a collection of gradient color collections shared by community or personal contributions.

This website is very suitable as reference material for choosing linear gradient colors that are suitable for you to use in your graphic design project or website.

2. Web Gradients


Web Gradients is a site that provides free linear gradient colors with more than 180 gradient colors available which can certainly be your reference site for determining the colors of a design.

Interestingly, to make it easier for visitors to use the Linrar gradient color combinations here, there is a hexadecimal code for each color used, we can easily copy the colors as original. There is also a PNG version that can be downloaded directly, and color CSS that can be used for websites.

3. Coolhue


Coolhue is a website that provides color gradation guides, there are many color gradation guide cards displayed on the website. Apart from that, each gradient color card also provides the hexadecimal color code for that gradient

So you will easily copy one color and the other will match if you want to use it. You can also copy the color CSS code of the gradient for web purposes. So it's not just a color gradation reference for graphic design.

4. Grabient


A website with an attractive appearance with UI elements for a linear gradient color reference provider, namely Grabient , this site provides various variants of gradient color combinations that can be used easily.

Even though it doesn't provide as many colors as other sites, Grabient has an interesting collection of gradient colors to visit as reference material.

5. Gradient Hunt


Gradient Hunt is a gradient color provider website that was founded in 2018, this site has been widely used as reference material for gradient colors for various graphic design, illustrator, photographer, web development purposes.

Provides thousands of gradient colors that are easy to access and use for free, has a menu that can be used to display the best linear gradient colors according to category, you can even create your own gradient colors on this site.

6. Gradients Guru


Lastly there is the Gradients Guru website , this site provides a large collection of gradient colors with interesting color combinations for our designs to make them look more beautiful which can be used for free.


In this post I have written a article about Free Linear Gradient Color Provider Site for Graphics & Web Designer. I hope you have liked it and please share with your friends and follow our blog for more.

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