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Hello Guys! How are you? I hope you are all good. Today I will share with you a Premium Blogger Template. It’s name is Wpinfora v1.2 Blogger Template. This theme is very responsive and user Friendly. So, Guys without any delay let's jump today's article.

Wpinfora Blogger Template Free Download

Wpinfora Blogger Template V1.2 has been used by various Nish blogs. The best blogger template in 2024 for Tutorials, Health, Education, Recipes, Personal blog and various Topics. It has been used for mixed blogs discussing various topics. This is a nominal template, which can be used for any need. You can use it for any Blogger website of your choice.


Template Name Wpinfora
Released Date Unknown
Last Updated 21 October 2021
Version v1.2
Platform Blogger
Developers Regey Anggara
Type Premium
Price --


WPINFORA UI stands out as a premium blogger template that combines a wide array of features within a single category template. Engineered for optimal speed, SEO performance, AdSense integration, responsiveness, and adaptability, WPINFORA UI redefines the blogging experience.

Primarily conceived as a Movie Website Theme Template, WPINFORA UI also boasts an exquisite design that caters to multiple niches, serving as an SEO-friendly blogger template suitable for magazines, news outlets, and personal blogs alike. Within this theme, we have incorporated an expansive category key and a sophisticated design, complemented by an elegantly curated featured section known as the "highlighted section."

By implementing this blogger template, you'll elevate the professionalism of your website. There's no need to worry, as all these features are seamlessly integrated into the theme. Whether you're seeking enhanced aesthetics or superior functionality, WPINFORA UI has you covered.


Ways to pick the best blogger template. When selecting a blogger template, it is important to mention some of the following important things:

The purpose of your blog: What is the main purpose of your blog? What kind of topics do you want to serve, such as news, personal blogs, technology, comics, food construction, travel, or more.

Layout and design: What kind of design and layout do you like. What is the template you want to easily customize?

User format: What would be the experience of the reader of your blog? No special features are needed to help users read posts easily.

Important features: Do you want some important features, such as blog search box, menu options, or the site's main logo? 

Blog visitor: For visitors to your blog, you can easily pick a blogger template that supports traffic control and a high number of visitors.

Blog lifestyle: Can you choose a blog template that manages the blog in a hesitant way that matches your personal style and lifestyle.

User feedback: How do you want to display user feedback on your blog? See the blogger template that is flat with the plugin and feedback system.

User perspective: Do you want to add ads to your blog? What social media platform do you want to post a blog on?

Support for blogger templates: Which platform or community do you want to get help from? Find some good templates that support the design of the professional.

The value of the template: What is your budget? (Free Blogger Template) Free template or (Premium Blogger Template) Premium template can be a selection, also according to your own nibs and requirements.

Security: Ensure the security of the template so that your blog is secure.

Customization Facility: Customization of templates such as so that you can match the design and style of your blog with the users. If you are not familiar with the code, the customization facility of the template can be easily used by you.

Based on these topics, you can choose the blogger template that best matches the direct needs of your blog and your dreamy design. It can be seen by analyzing the mentioned issues Fiksioner Blogger Template V4  All the benefits of, if you can create your blog site very easily.


Now, Let’s talk about the features of this Template. The biggest features of this template are it doesn’t compromise with speed, SEO Friendly, Ads Placement, Icons, the Latest structure of Breadcrumbs, Comments Section, site navigation and so many others which I mentioned below.

  1. Inbuilt Auto Safelink Added
  2. Mobile Responsive - Adapts to mobile devices
  3. Schema Markup
  4. SEO Friendly - SEO Friendly
  5. Ads Ready - Built-in advertising space
  6. Fast Loading - Fast Loading
  7. New Featured Post - New Featured Post
  8. Auto Read More With Thumbnail - Automatically 'read more' with image preview
  9. Error 404 - 404 . Error Page
  10. Responsive Footer - Responsive Footer
  11. Social Follow Button - Button to follow social networks
  12. Multi Drop Down - Multiple drop down menus
  13. Search Widget - Search Widget
  14. Related Posts With Thumbnail - Recommended post with preview image
  15. Social Share Button - Social Share Button
  16. Email News Letter Widget - Email newsletter notification widget
  17. Recent Post Widget - Recent Posts Widget
  18. Detailed Documentation
  19. Best Responsive Menu And Layout


Features of Wpinfora Premium Blogger Template V1.2 are as follows:

Responsive Design: This template is displayed correctly on each device, giving users full experience in both mobile and desktop.

Dark Mode Supported: The Fixioner theme has the Dark Mode feature, which can be easily used with one click. It is very professional quality to look at.

Table Of Content: It is very important to have a table of contents in a template, because it is a matter related to ACO that Google understands the heading content of your post.

Editable Footer Copyright: Footer from this template will be without copyright, so you can use your blog institutionally. Which you can sit your link to.

Related Post: This template displays posts related to your post in general around the post, completely in general where it is not posted in a clearly defined place.

Adsense Slots: This template allows you to easily place Adsense ads in a predefined ad location, so you can increase your income.

Support Blogger Theme Designer: You can edit the fonts, colors, and other displays in your template using Blogger Theme Designer, so you don't have to worry about editing HTML code to do this.

Layout v3 and Widget v2: This template is the latest and best version of Blogger, and it has got the most up-to-date feature expansion.

Super light and page load time: This template is extremely light and extremely fast during page loading, improves site performance, which helps to achieve high performance sites like GTMetrix and PageSpeed Insight combined.

No need to worry about Editing HTML: You can change the settings of this template and the menu directly in the layout, you don't have to worry about editing HTML.

Lazy load images: This template helps to reduce page load time by loading images lazily.

Sticky sidebar: You have sidebar sticky, so readers don't have to scroll to read posts.

Numbered navigation: Supports navigation by post number.

Scheme markup: This template supports schema markup, which makes your site convenient in search engines and provides improvements in terms of SEO.

SEO friendly: This template is mobile friendly and completely SEO friendly, providing improvement in search engine ranking and visual vision.

Mobile friendly: This template is displayed correctly on each device, and gives mobile users full experience.

Breadcrumbs: Supports Breadcrumb, providing users with easy navigation on your website.

More Features: There are many more features in this template.

This Wpinfora Premium Blogger Template V1.2 With this, you can get help creating your blog in a beautiful and sophisticated design.


Click on the Download button and follow some simple steps and to get the Download link and then click on Download button and save the Template XML or zip file, Click on the Demo button to watch a Demo of the Template.

This Template zip file is Password protected. If you want to know the password so please join our Telegram group and type " #wpinfora " and send it.

How to apply this Template on your Site

  1. First of all Login to your Blogger Dashboard
  2. On Blogger Dashboard, Click on Themes.
  3. Click the arrow down icon just next to 'Customize' button.
  4. Now Click on Restore and upload the Template file which you have Downloaded.
  5. If you got any Errors while Restoring theme, Go to 'Edit HTML'
  6. Select all the Pre-existing codes and remove them.
  7. Now open the Template file on notepad which you have Downloaded.
  8. Select all codes and copy them to Clipboard.
  9. Now paste the codes in 'Edit HTML' page.
  10. Now click on Save by Save Icon  


ALERT: We Are Just Sharing the Templates which are already available on the internet, We do not Modify or Clone any Templates, and We are sharing these Templates only for eduactional purpose and non profit Basis, All Images, Files &amp Trademarks Belongs To Their Respective Owners and we don't own any Rights on them, We Are Just Sharing For Educational Purpose and Non-Profit basis. In case your are the Creator of Template and want to remove it from our blog then you can Contct us we'll repospond withim 4-5 Business days. Contact us DMCA


In this article, I shared with you Wpinfora Version v1.2 Blogger Template. I hope you have liked It. Please do share it with your friends and follow our blog for more.

If you face any problems in Demo, Download or have any questions so feel free to ask me in comments section or join our Telegram Channel to get the lastest posts updates daily.

Our All Posts Are Protected By DMCA. So Don't Try To Copy Our Posts And Reproduction In Any Way Is Strictly Prohibited! Or else Legal Actions Will Be Taken.

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